Building School Spirit

You know your school’s a fantastic place; now you want everyone else to know it, too! How can you build up some spirit in your school? Try these ideas!

– Publicize School Events

School spirit requires communication. Sure, everyone knows about the varsity basketball game against your archrival, but do they know about the junior varsity girl’s dive meet, the jazz band concert, or the chess tournament? The more students know, the more likely they are to show up to an event and encourage participants, even get involved themselves.

– Celebrate Students

Your fellow students are doing great things-recognize them! Decorating lockers, yard signs, banners, articles in the school paper or other media are ways you can honor kids and encourage school spirit; after all, if your school is full of talent and achievement, it must be a great place, right? Recognize athletes, but look beyond sports and steer towards the arts, science, debate, community involvement, trade programs, scouting, and other activities. The more students you include, the more everyone will feel involved in, and valued by, their school.

– Be Visible

Let your school spirit show by using school colors, yard signs, banners, and cheering sections. Involve your local community with team sponsorships, posting school events in local businesses, and providing them with information on school activities; most will be very receptive.

– Honor Tradition

Every school has its traditions: cheers, events, songs, etc. Use them to rally the student body and the community (who likely remember those traditions). Invent some new, bring back some old.

– Involve Everyone

We’re not all athletes, but we can all wear stupid hats on Thursday to support our teams. Publicize dress-up days well in advance, so no one is caught off guard. Offer prizes for the most spirit-filled class, goofiest get-up, most enthusiastic student. If possible, hold pep rallies during school hours, so everyone can attend. Run a small “spirit shop,” with bumper stickers, temporary tattoos, notebooks, shirts, and other affordable merchandise with school colors and logos.

– Be Active

School spirit isn’t just about, well, school. Get students involved in community work, through extracurricular clubs or soliciting volunteers. Work together as a school group; wear school colors, shirts, or temporary tattoos, so others know your school is full of active, caring people with much to contribute.
Temporary Tattoos Got Spirit, Yes They Do!

Temporary tattoos display school spirit. Because they’re custom-made, you can order tattoos depicting your school’s mascot, using school colors, proclaiming school superiority, or emblazoned with the school’s favorite theme. You can purchase tattoos of teachers, band instruments, club logos-whatever you imagine! Pass them out before the game or during the cast party. Wear them on field trips or for community projects. Sell them at the bookstore or spirit shop. They’re hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and made of FDA-approved materials. They’re waterproof, so they’re swim-team safe, but can be easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol, so you won’t be wearing them for prom pictures.
Looking for a creative way to display school spirit? Try temporary tattoos!

School Food Services Have Products Both Prepared And Fresh

Another school year is here for school food services for students that attend schools to offer meals for both breakfast and lunch for schools across the nation. Without this service provided there would be many hungry kids in school. Many school food services have quality nutritious products that they deliver to schools across the nation and have followed the strict guidelines of the food and drug administration in every guideline that they have. Taking into account that you’re dealing with thousands of children there is no room for error and many of the school food service companies know this and have the capacity to make this happen.

Each year we hear about the different school districts in the nation regarding the quality and nutritional value of the food that they are serving to each of the students who purchase this breakfast or lunch at their school. Many parents have banded together to try to get schools to offer more fresh fruits and vegetables and many other nutritious snacks and meals to their children. And in the process these parents have spent many hours trying to do so.

The issues at hand are being handled more slowly than many people would like, and in many school Food Services have answered the call by offering these types of Food Products to the students in general. This has been transformed into offering salads with low fat dressings along with fruits and vegetables that will not only nourish but give them brain power. This has many advocates of health happy that school Food Services has made the effort toward sees healthy products.

Many times people who are interested in this type of situation involving students and their nutrition can log onto the Internet and get some detailed information from some of the web sites that advocate this type of program and even have donated money throughout the past to help in the situation. School Food Services in general have to be well on the ball when it comes to organization and getting these products to schools in a timely manner along with professionalism.

Many experts believe that if these products keep being offered to the children, they will eventually enjoy these to the point that they will be asking for them as something that they want to do as opposed to knowing that it is good for them. School Food Services will continue to operate in this fashion and gradually offer new products to schools across the nation for their breakfast and lunch menus.