Getting Ready For the Big Time – Distance Learning College Prep School

As the college admissions process becomes increasingly competitive, more and more parents who homeschool their children are turning to distance learning as a viable option for preparing their students for both admission into, and success in, college. With today’s students being involved in so many events and activities, homeschooling parents are definitely seeing the benefits of trusting in a distance learning college prep school.

Distance learning, or distance education as it is also known, works just as its name implies. Homeschooled students, especially those of high school age, essentially have the opportunity to attend courses that will be accepted by colleges and universities for admissions purposes. The basic premise behind distance learning is that students will make use of various forms of technology, in particular computers and the Internet, to gain access to courses designed to lead to a high school diploma and eventual admission into a particular college or university.

Through a distance learning program, students can study at their own pace, without sacrificing any activities or responsibilities in the process. Many students find the distance learning “environment” to be more conducive to their overall academic experience and college preparation than what they would receive from traditional public and private schools. Distance learning, especially college prep, is designed to prepare students for college by offering Advanced Placement courses that can earn them college units, SAT prep courses designed to help students achieve higher scores, honors-level courses that model college courses, and a wide variety of other options all with the intent of increasing a student’s chances of gaining admission and succeeding at the college of her or his choice.

Distance learning college prep courses also have an unintended benefit – an increased proficiency in the use and application of computer technology. Today, a good portion of a college course involves the use of technology. From participating in online forums and discussions, to submitting papers and completing tests online, colleges across the country are definitely integrating more technology into their curriculum. Participation in an online distance learning program, especially one that is college prep-based, can greatly help prepare students for the type of learning that will be taking place in college. By being more comfortable with and proficient in the use of technology, distance learning students stand a better chance of succeeding once they enter college.

With an acceptance rate in the high 80s to mid 90s, higher than average SAT scores, and legitimate support from accrediting agencies like WASC, distance learning college prep schools are not only popular, they are extremely effective in achieving their goals and outcomes. Unlike traditional public and private schools, college prep schools have the freedom to focus all of their efforts on preparing students for college and helping them gain admission. While traditional schools have to worry about problem students, lack of funds, and a great deal of administrative red tape, distance learning college prep schools can keep their attention on the needs of their students, in particular as it applies to college preparation and admission.