How To Study For Exams – Be That Student Who Destroys The Curve And Other Students Hate

Want to know who is destroying everyone’s curve? It is those students who develop a study plan and follow it too a tee. Now I don’t care how bad a student you are because you can be that annoying student. It is easier than you think because in this article I will talk about a five step framework that will turn the average student into a class leader. Knowing how to study for exams is your key to being a top student.

Lets take a look at this 5 step process.

1. The proper study environment will make a huge impact.

It is necessary that the place where you study is void of any distractions. You have to find a quiet place where you are free from distractions so you can target your focus on studying.

2. Take a small break every hour.

Now I didn’t say take hour-long breaks but rather small breaks to absorb the material. It is important to put the time in and in doing so reward yourself for ten minuets if it has been a productive hour. This strategy can keep you fresh while studying for multiple hours allowing you to fully soak up the material. This will save you time in the long run because of not having to re-study material.

3. Prioritize your schedule and your assignments.

Prioritize your schedule with the harder material first and then save the easier stuff for later. Being organized and prepared is going to save you time when you are studying. Lets face it no one likes to study so being prepared and organized will save you time.

4. Evaluate and re-write your notes directly after each class.

Reviewing your notes at night while the material is still fresh in your head will cut down on study time. The fact is, when the time comes to begin studying for an exam you will ahead of the game. There will be no such thing as having to re-learn material because you have been reviewing material all semester long. How much time will that save?

5. Study when you perform best.

If you function best in the morning then use that time to study.On the other hand, if you are a night owl like I am then conduct your study sessions at night. Studying when you are at your best will make the most of your time and will cut down on the amount of distractions.